Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC SystemInsulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

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Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

When we couldn't get our home to cool down last summer, we started checking our HVAC system. We found out that our air conditioning system was working fine, but the air just seemed to leave our house rapidly. We contacted an HVAC contractor to run a few tests, and he concluded that we had a severe insulation problem. After showing us which rooms had bad leaks, he recommended a business to come out and remedy the situation. This blog is all about insulating your home and helping you to keep that carefully heated and cooled air inside, where it belongs.


Furnace Repair Vs. Furnace Replacement: A Few Things To Know

If you're having problems with your furnace, you likely have two options to choose from: repairing your unit or replacing it completely. If you aren't sure which one you need, these tips should help.

The Same Technician Can (Usually) Do Both

First of all, if you're undecided about whether you need to repair your furnace or buy a new one and have it installed, you may not be sure of who you should call for help. The good news is that many (if not most) HVAC technicians can help with both repairs and replacements. Therefore, as long as you call a licensed HVAC company, the person who is dispatched out to your house should be able to assist you either way.

A Professional Can Help You Decide

There are a lot of different things you need to look at when deciding whether to replace your furnace or repair it. You might not really know how to make this decision properly, which is understandable if you don't have professional HVAC experience. Luckily, the HVAC technician who comes out to your home should be able to help you make this decision, such as by inspecting your unit and determining how old it is, the extent of the repairs that are needed, and more.

Each Has Separate Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to each option. If you choose to have your furnace replaced, you'll likely have to spend less money than you would pay for an entire replacement. The process may be faster, too, depending on just what is wrong with your furnace.

On the other hand, replacing your furnace has its own benefits. Even though it might be more expensive up-front, you may save money on repairs in the future. Additionally, you may be able to purchase and install a more energy-efficient unit, which can save you money each month during the winter and is better for the environment. If your existing furnace isn't particularly suitable for your home — such as if it's too small to effectively and efficiently heat your home — then a replacement will allow you to purchase a more suitable unit.

As long as you work with a professional and make an informed decision, you will hopefully be happy with the decision that you've made. Luckily, you do not have to make this decision on your own, since there are plenty of furnace repair and replacement specialists who are certified and experienced in what they do. One of these professionals should be able to assist you each step of the way.

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