Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC SystemInsulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

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Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

When we couldn't get our home to cool down last summer, we started checking our HVAC system. We found out that our air conditioning system was working fine, but the air just seemed to leave our house rapidly. We contacted an HVAC contractor to run a few tests, and he concluded that we had a severe insulation problem. After showing us which rooms had bad leaks, he recommended a business to come out and remedy the situation. This blog is all about insulating your home and helping you to keep that carefully heated and cooled air inside, where it belongs.


Questions To Ask An HVAC Supplier About Furnaces You're Considering

If the time has come to replace your furnace, then you'll want to have a few conversations with an HVAC dealer about your options. Most HVAC suppliers are also installers, so they'll come to install the unit you ultimately decide to buy. But what questions, specifically, do you ask about a furnace you're considering? Here are some key ones to get you started.

Is it a one-stage or two-stage furnace?

Two-stage furnaces are becoming quite popular. These units operate on a "low" setting most of the time when the weather is mild, but they kick into a "high" setting when it's really cold and there's a lot of heating to do. This allows for more efficient operation, overall, than you get with a one-stage furnace that only operates on one setting. However, you will pay more for a two-stage furnace than for a one-stage model. And in smaller homes, a two-stage furnace may rarely kick into its second stage. So, what's best for your needs really depends on your budget and on the size of your home. 

Is installation included in the price?

When shopping for furnaces through an HVAC dealer, they typically include the cost of installation in the quoted price. However, this is not always the case. There are times when a dealer may charge you separately for the furnace and for the installation work. So, make sure you are clear on what's included in the price before you buy a particular furnace.

How long is the warranty?

Occasionally, furnaces break down prematurely. When this happens, you want to ensure your furnace is protected under warranty so you don't have to cover the repair costs out of your own pocket. Ask how long the warranty is on the furnace you're considering, and also ask whether it covers labor in addition to parts. It's often worth paying a little more for a furnace with a slightly longer warranty simply because it gives you greater peace of mind.

What level of efficiency does the furnace offer?

It's often worth paying a little more for a more efficient furnace. The money you spend will be made up for in the form of energy savings in the coming years. If the model you're looking at is not the most efficient, ask the dealer to recommend a different one.

There are lots of furnaces out there to choose from. So, take your time to ask questions when considering a certain model. For more information, contact a company like Trane South.