Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC SystemInsulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

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Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

When we couldn't get our home to cool down last summer, we started checking our HVAC system. We found out that our air conditioning system was working fine, but the air just seemed to leave our house rapidly. We contacted an HVAC contractor to run a few tests, and he concluded that we had a severe insulation problem. After showing us which rooms had bad leaks, he recommended a business to come out and remedy the situation. This blog is all about insulating your home and helping you to keep that carefully heated and cooled air inside, where it belongs.


How To Program Your Thermostat To Save You Money Each Month

What is the best way to program your thermostat to see monthly savings? This is very important to consider as the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy states that 5 percent of electricity consumed is due to air conditioners. Naturally, this number can go up once heating is factored into your bill as well. Fortunately, you can maintain control of your electricity bill. In fact, here are three ways you can save money each month by programming your thermostat. 

Stop Heating or Cooling an Empty Room

Too many people heat and cool rooms that have nobody in them. It may be because they forget to turn their radiators off or fail to use their zoning correctly. Some people incorrectly believe that it costs more to turn the thermostat up and down as necessary, rather than keeping their home heated or cooled to a specific temperature throughout the day.

It's time to really think about whether certain zones in your home really need to be cooled or heated. If there is nobody in the room (or going in within the next 30 minutes) turn it all off and only heat or cool when necessary.

Invest In a Timer

If you're on your way home from work, you may think you want to heat or cool the home to be ready for when you walk through the door. When you have a certain routine, you can just use a timer. Set the timer for 20 or so minutes before you walk through the door, and your home will be ready. If you do not have a routine schedule, consider investing a smart timer. You can control this from your phone to get your home ready for your arrival when you know for sure you are on your way home.

Set Air Conditioning to No Lower Than 24 Celsius/75.2 Fahrenheit

The best temperature for your air conditioning unit is around 24 Celsius/75.2 Fahrenheit. Any lower than this and the unit will have to do a lot of work. The more work you make your HVAC do, the more money you will spend each month. Carbon Trust states that lowering your heating by 1 degree Celsius or Fahrenheit can reduce your annual bill by 8 percent.

It's time to use your heating and air conditioning much more efficiently, and you can do that with optimum thermostat control. With the above tips, you will save money, and this could equate to hundreds of dollars each month.