Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC SystemInsulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

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Insulating Your Home To Help Your HVAC System

When we couldn't get our home to cool down last summer, we started checking our HVAC system. We found out that our air conditioning system was working fine, but the air just seemed to leave our house rapidly. We contacted an HVAC contractor to run a few tests, and he concluded that we had a severe insulation problem. After showing us which rooms had bad leaks, he recommended a business to come out and remedy the situation. This blog is all about insulating your home and helping you to keep that carefully heated and cooled air inside, where it belongs.


Does Your Thermostat Act Up All The Time? It's Time For An Upgrade

If you haven't ever upgraded your thermostat and your heating and cooling controls since you've moved into your home, you could be missing out. There are many ways that updating the thermostat and utilizing the latest technological options can save you money, and improve how your home heating and cooling appliances use energy. Here are a few of the reasons why you'll want to consider having an HVAC contractor come to your home to update the system.

Time Your HVAC Usage

You can set your heat or air conditioning to turn off or reduce your need when you are leaving the house for work, and then have it kick back on before you get home. The house doesn't need to be toasty while you aren't there in the winter, or chilly during the summer when no one is home, and reducing the energy usage can save you as much as 10 percent a year on your heating and cooling bills.

Control Away From Home

Sometimes the weather isn't always what was predicted by your local weather station, or you have a change of plans and you aren't going to be home for hours or until the next day. When you have the capability to control your thermostat from your smart phone, you can make sure that your furnace or air conditioner isn't working with no one home. You can also stop a teen or spouse from changing the set temperature with a smart thermostat.

Detect Problems While You're Away

If you are out of town and the furnace breaks, you don't want the house to get below freezing and end up with frozen pipes. If you get an alert on your phone that shows the internal temperature of the house is dropping quickly, you can get the problem looked at before there are bursting pipes. If you have a pet inside the home or you get an alert that your air conditioner isn't working, you'll know what you expect when you get home and the house is hot.

These are just a few of the reasons why you want to look into getting a programmable thermostat that has wireless capabilities. You'll be able to control your home heating and cooling system no matter where you are from a phone or any device that is connected to the Internet, and you can have the heating and air conditioning repair experts connect it with your home security system.